Alvin's Chipmunk Nut Goody Bars

Hello ladies! It's time for another one of our exciting cooking games! In today's lesson we are going to meet the famous chef Alvin, which is going to teach us how to prepare his favorite recipe in the whole world. This delicious recipe is called Nut Goody Bars, and Alvin the chipmunk is an expert in its preparation. In order to get started on the preparation, you will firstly have to make sure that you do have all the necessary ingredients. Then, in this fun cooking game called Alvin's Chipmunk Nut Goody Bars, you will start the preparation itself by adding chocolate chips into the green bowl and melting them in the oven. After that, just follow Alvin's guidelines and in the end you will be able of enjoying the fabulous nut goody bars. You shouldn't worry that you don't have much experience in the kitchen because Alvin will be helping you every step of the way. Remember: follow Alvin's instructions and you shall be alright! Have a really fantastic time learning how to prepare this delicious recipe in this really exciting cooking game called Alvin's Chipmunk Nut Goody Bars!

How to play Alvin's Chipmunk Nut Goody Bars

Use the mouse to play the game.

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