Barbie Girly Vs Boyish

Hey girls! Meet the amazing doll, Barbie, and help her feel special and fashionable in two different and equally amazing looks. Start the game called Barbie Girly Vs Boyish and make sure her looks are perfect for the great dates and casual event she has planned. The first style you an try is the beautiful girly one. Choose pinky clothes, such as dresses, shoes, accessories and hairstyles and mix and match for a mega amaizng looks with lots of girly and feminine touches. In Barbie Girly Vs Boyish the second style is a more casual one, with boyish items, such as jeans, shirts, sneackers and cute t-shirts. Check all the items and pick the ones you prefer for the second look, and don't forget a bag, sunglasses and awesome new shoes. Enjoy Barbie Girly Vs Boyish game and have a lovely time on!

How to play Barbie Girly Vs Boyish

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