My Pet cat Judy

Today,everyone likes keepping pets.You are very busy and want to keep

a lovely cat.In game,you can realize your wish.You can buy a cat and

make A beautiful house for it.You can take care of it,play with it

,accompany it to grow up and take it to join the races,and so on.If

it's lonely,you can buy another cat to play with it.When you don't

like it,you can sell it back to the store.
Game features:
1、There's everything in the store. You can choose the things you

need for your cat to really experience the process of keeping a pet.

2、Interact with small pets, feel the pleasure of keeping pets,

cultivate love and patience.
3、Combining with reality,firsthand experience.There are mall step

tips,you don't worry not to keep small pets.

How to play My Pet cat Judy

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