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About baby-barbara-braces-doctor

Hey girls! Baby Barbara is getting braces today and she is a bit scared. It is completely understandable as everybody dreads the idea of paying a visit to the dentist. The noisy and creepy looking tools in the teeth doctor's cabinet have that effect especially on children. It is time to prove baby Barbara that you are the best braces doctor in the business and she has nothing to fear by coming to your dental clinic. In this awesome new baby game entitled Baby Barbara Braces Doctor you will apply braces on the cute girl's teeth. This doctor intervention will fix baby Barbara's dental problems giving her the perfect smile. Begin the dentist procedure preparing the teeth for the surgical intervention. Brush them well until they become sparkly white. Put the braces on following the step by step directions. Adjust the brackets and apply the wires. Baby Barbara fancies a pair of girly colorful braces in trend with the latest fashion. What color or print looks prettier? Decorate the braces in pink, red, blue, purple, green, orange or yellow. How about a butterfly, Hello Kitty, lion, duck, flower or strawberry gemstone or sticker instead? The little girl looks adorable with the new teeth accessory. Have a fab time playing Baby Barbara Braces Doctor baby game!

How to play baby-barbara-braces-doctor

Mouse to play the game.