Anna's Brain Surgery

The amazing Frozen princess Anna is sick. She has terrible head aches and she can't sleep properly. She needs immediate medical care for her condition and I am sure you can help her with your medical skills. The first step of the medical check up is to investigate her brain waves in the game called Anna's Brain Surgery! It seems she has a brain issue and she needs a healing surgery. Use an oxygen mask to check her oxygen level and begin the surgery by cutting her hair with scissors and then shaving it completely. Use a medical marker to draw the line on the scalp and then use the scalpel to make an incision. In Anna's Brain Surgery you need to remove the foreign object and then sew the skin back together with a magical staff. She is feeling so much better after the surgery and you can cheer her up by applying her make up and choosing a cute dress. Apply black mascara, red lipstick, a pink blush and a nice eye shadow to create a fun makeup look. In Anna's Brain Surgery try the loose curls hairstyle and a beautiful blue blouse and pink skirt. Enjoy the game called Anna's Brain Surgery!

How to play Anna's Brain Surgery

Use the mouse to play the game.

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