Cinderella Pumpkin Accident

Cinderella and her beautiful pet were going back to the castle, when they had an accident. Their carriage malfunctioned and the princess and her pet will now need medical care. Begin the exclusive game called Cinderella Pumpkin Accident and help them with your skills. First, take care of Pumpkin, the cute pet and start by using a cloth to remove the dirt. Use the tweezers to remove the small tree leaves from the fur and remove the blisters with an ice cube. Clean the wound with an antiseptic solution and cotton ball and then apply band aids. In Cinderella Pumpkin Accident you can now brush the fur and give the pet a few kisses and the treatment is done. Start the princess's treatment by cleaning her nose and removing the tears from her cheeks. Use a cloth to clean the dirt of her hair and clothes. Take the tweezers and remove the branches, then heal the wounds. Apply band aids and the healing process will be much faster. Place her arm in a cast because she has a broken bone, then use a brush and untangle the hair. Both of them are feeling better and you an enjoy Cinderella Pumpkin Accident!

How to play Cinderella Pumpkin Accident

Mouse to play the game.

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