barbie glam popstar

Hello ladies! Your favorite doll, Barbie, is very talented. She is an amazing girl who wants to be famous for her singing voice. In Barbie Glam Popstar game you can help her look great on stage and wow her fans with her looks and voice. Look in her closet and choose only the cutest dress, skirt or top and mix and match for a stage look like no other. The great doll will love a new hairstyle as well and a unique one is a must. Try a great curly hairdo with a wonderful blue dye, which will definetly make her stand out and create a fab look for the doll. In Barbie Glam Popstar game there are many props and accessories you can pick to finish her stage look and make her unforgettable. A new guitar and mic are a must have for a great singer and performer. Enjoy Barbie Glam Popstar game, on!

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