Descendants Trendsetters HTML5

Mal and Evie are the Descendants of the most evil villains in fairy tale land, Maleficent and the Evil Queen. But Mal and Evie are just teenage girls and they are not necessarily following the path of their mothers. They also found a recent interest in fashion and because of their edgy style, they have become the trendsetters in Auradon Prep. You can help them out today with a fun new look. Start with makeup and apply a glittery eye shadow, mascara to give their eye lashes volume, blush, lipstick and eye liner in a shade of purple. Then you can find each of them to find a new hairstyle and outfit. Mal loves her purple hair, but you could also dye it red and give her a wild hairstyle or pink and put it in a ponytail. Dress her up in a purple leather suit with a high collar or a green ruffled dress with flower prints and accessorize with golden necklaces and bomber jackets. Evie has gorgeous blue hair which you can curl or braid. Dress her with a printed skirt and a cape or a little black dress. Have a great time playing this fun game named Descendants Trendsetters HTML5!

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