Throwback Tiny Ballerina

This Monday we challenge you ladies to help our beautiful ballerina to put together the set of the picture which will become the most popular #ThrowbackThursday photo ever posted on social media. Today she got so nostalgic about her childhood mainly her very first ballet show and she cannot wait to share it with her followers on Facebook and Instagram. All she needs is for you to join her in and help her deal with her tiny ballerina outfit. It’s going to be so much fun because there are so many tutus-skirts, beautifully embroidered corset tops and colourful pointe shoes at your disposal to choose from. Mix and match them, choose your favourites to dress her up with and feel free to also change their colors until her outfit looks nicely and well paired. Then move on and select her a new hairstyle, do her make up and accessorise the final look with a statement chocker and a hairpin. Great jobs, ladies!

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