Barbara Eever After High Spa

Barbara has been feeling under the weather lately so her friends have thought of something to cheer her up. They will take her to the most fabulous spa: The Ever After High Spa, the Spa where the children of the famous fairy tale characters relax in royal style. The appointment is made and now Barbara will definitely relax, get pampered from head to toe and feel much better. Can you guess what fabulous treatment awaits for Barbara at the Ever After High Spa? We'll reveal some of the steps, but the rest is up for you to discover. Barbara will be pampered with a fabulous massage for her back, head and neck that will release the tension from her muscles. For a gorgeous charming smile, Barbara's teeth must look flawless that's why at the Ever After High Spa, Barbara will receive a full treatment for her teeth too. Next, it's time for a fabulous hair treatment that will make her hair shiny and soft. At the Ever After High Spa they use only high quality products so Barbara will look really FAB after the hair treatment process. Not only this but she will get some really cool funky highlights that will change her whole appearance. Now that Barbara feels relaxed and peaceful it's time for a dress up session. We have prepared some really cool outfits (dresses, tops, skirts, shoes) and accessories that Barbara will be able to mix and match as she wishes. She will look just like a famous princess from the Ever After High series. Have a great time playing this wonderful spa game and make Barbara look fabulous!

How to play Barbara Eever After High Spa

Use the mouse to play the game.

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