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Barbie Emoji Nails Designer

Barbie Emoji Nails Designer

About Barbie Emoji Nails Designer

Barbie loves to do her manicure and she's always keen on finding new and exciting designs for her nails. She抯 been obsessed with all things emoji, so she decided that she should definitely go for an amazing emoji manicure. Would you like to be the designer of her manicure? Play Barbie Emoji Nails Designer here on our website and start by giving her nails a little spa session. Soak them in water and then choose the shape of the nails before cutting them into the desired shape. You will also need to file them to make them smooth and shiny before moving on to the next stage on the game. You will have to cut the emoji stickers you will be applying on the nails and once you do that go ahead and start decorating the nails. Start by choosing a color to cover the entire nail and then apply the emoji sticker. Use the available nail polish colors to fill in the emoji. Do that for each of the nails and have fun mixing and matching all sorts of amazing colors. Finally, apply a top coat to protect the manicure. Have a blast playing Barbie Emoji Nails Designer!

How to play Barbie Emoji Nails Designer

Mouse to play the game.